Serving San Diego County Disaster Assistance

Robin Clegg

Robin G. Clegg- President / Chief Financial Officer


After the San Diego Firestorm hit Robin’s hometown of Lakeside in 2003, she was requested to attend a meeting by the Lakeside Fire Marshall because of her 12+ years of community service as an elected Lakeside Planning Group board member.

The discussion at that first meeting evolved into opening an immediate relief center at her sister’s empty storefront at Alpine Rock and Block in Lakeside.

This center, which came to be known as the East County Fire Relief Center, was a cross-community effort that was staffed by many volunteer community members. The center stayed open at that location for 2 weeks and provided hundreds of fire survivors with food, clothing, sifters, tools and moral support.

It became apparent to Robin, as it did to many other community leaders across the other fire impacted regions, that while relief must come to an end there was still a lot left to be done. Robin was contacted by FEMA and they recommended that she bring together other disaster impacted community leaders.

The first meeting of the region’s impacted community leaders gathered at Alpine Rock and Block in Lakeside to brainstorm on the next steps for recovery. This meeting was one of many long strategic planning meetings and resulted in the formation of the San Diego Firestorm Community Recovery Team (SDFCRT).

This team was tasked with facilitating the long term recovery needs for all the affected communities. During the long term recovery period of the 2003 disaster, Robin ran a Long Term Recovery Center, known as East County Fire Relief, from May 2004 to June 2005. This center housed Case Managers from The Salvation Army and was a one-stop shop for survivors, providing them with many resources on their road toward recovery. The center was staffed by many wonderful volunteers from the community, some of them were even fire survivors giving back.

Robin’s roles in the 2003 recovery were:
– Vice Chair of the SDFCRT
– Oversight of the Construction Managers for the Non-profit rebuilds of at-risk survivors
– Facilitation of collaborative Case Management amongst the agencies
– Co-chair of the Unmet Needs Table with Sue Zebick of the American Red Cross

When the 2007 fires hit San Diego, Robin was asked by the San Diego Foundation to assist in community assessments in the Harris Fire Region. This assessment was used to assist in selecting community leaders that had come forward to assist their neighbors during this time of disaster.

She was then contacted by FEMA and was asked to assist in setting up the Long Term Recovery Team again. In collaboration with our San Diego VOAD and many team members, we set up the Regional Community Recovery Team (RCRT).

Robin’s roles in the 2007 recovery are:
– Advisor to the RCRT
– Fiscal manager for 5 of the 7 Fire Recovery Centers
– Accounting for CRT, Inc. and the RCRT Unmet Needs cases
– Facilitation of collaborative Case Management amongst the agencies
– Co-chair of the Unmet Needs Table with Sue Zebick and advisees
– Obtainment of building permits
– Collaboration with Mennonite Disaster Services, the volunteer organization for our non-profit rebuilds for at-risk survivors during this 2007 disaster

When Robin is not at work assisting in Long Term Disaster Recovery, she manages the family’s Real Estate and has been doing this for over 25 years. She also has been very hands on in the family construction business which has provided a much needed expertise in the Long Term Recovery Rebuild projects.

Robin and her husband Mike have been married for over 30 years and have 2 children and 2 grandchildren. The grandchildren are Robin’s truest delight.