Serving San Diego County Disaster Assistance

8 Important Things

8 Important Things You Should Know

The Community recovery Team is here to help you through the process of disaster long term recovery.

1. Take care of family needs first!  Housing is a priority.

2. Make sure you register with FEMA - No Matter What!

3. Take photos of your property before ANY clean up is done.

4. DO NOT SETTLE OR SIGN WITH YOUR INSURANCE AGENCY until you consult with a non-profit insurance advocate. However do request a certified copy of your policy and talk with your adjuster about the housing expense allowance when notifying the insurance company of your loss.

5. What is a Release of Information Form? Signing a release of information form gives permission to agencies to share information and work together towards your recovery. Ask for a copy of the release form. This information is only used for assisting you in your recovery.

6. Do not rush into contract agreements. Verify legitimacy and licenses with the Better Business Bureau or Contractors State License Board. If you suspect fraud call the San Diego District Attorney.

7. Important communication information: Consider increasing your cell phone minute plan to avoid going over your limit. Forward your mail ASAP to a post office box. Forward your home phone calls to your cell phone. Contact your financial institutions or creditors about monthly payments and make arrangements for disaster survivor's options and grace periods.

8. Keep in touch with your community.  Do not drop out of sight!!