Serving San Diego County Disaster Assistance



Our Activities

1. In the aftermath of a disaster, conduct monthly general meetings for information sharing and planning.

2. To gather, coordinate, and disseminate pertinent information on long-term recovery throughout the region.

3. Facilitate links between providers of long-term recovery services/resources and CBOs.

4. Provide a forum for community based organizations to access governmental organizations when necessary.

5. Assist community-led recovery by directing grant requests for recovery programs and financial resources to potential funding organizations through coordinated regional efforts;

6. Advise community recovery leadership in establishing long-term recovery guidelines for survivors in the areas of legal services, fiscal management, mental & spiritual wellbeing, leadership skills, and Coordinated Assistance Network-data collecting.

7. Unite funding partners to form the Unmet Needs Committee, to fund homes and resources for the at-risk.

8. Provide assessment reports on long-term recovery disaster impact to our funders & the region.

9. Provide referrals & resources for long-term recovery to those in need of such services.

10. Facilitate the rebuilding of homes with Volunteer Labor Organizations.

11. Establish and maintain liaisons with community partners prior to and following disasters.