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Bonnie Fry

Bonnie Fry moved to Ramona in 2000 from Idaho, she was a married teacher with two children.

When the Cedar Fire hit Ramona in 2003, Bonnie helped organize the local donation center. With local support from the Ramona Chamber of Commerce the donation center was kept opened and Bonnie began attending Relief/Recovery meetings sponsored by Sen. Hollingsworth.

At these meetings the different community leaders who were operating donation sites met with other local leaders and relief agencies. The community leaders immediately began coordinating and sharing their resources with other areas. Eventually we formed the Community Recovery Team in response to the 2003 San Diego Wildfires.

After the 2003 fires Bonnie returned to substitute teaching for the Ramona Unified School District. In 2007 while Bonnie and her children were at a hotel after evacuating from Ramona the San Diego Foundation representative called and enlisted Bonnie and the other members of the CRT to perform assessments of the fire affected areas. Bonnie volunteered and assisted in establishing weekly fire survivor support meetings and weekly insurance meetings in Ramona and by February 2008 opened the doors of the fire resource center in Ramona.

Ramona lost more homes (over 487) than any other city or county area from the Witch Creek Fire. As of June 2009 only 33 homes have been completed and rebuilt. The Ramona Fire Recovery Center still has a Women’s Connection’s™ support meeting every Wednesday afternoon and a Fire Family Pot-Luck Dinner every Second and Fourth Tuesday at the Center office.